Hg Elemental Coaching.

Explore and develop and integrated roadmap to your future goals.

Elemental coaching works with indivuduals to develop an integrated roadmap towards their future goals. People come to us because they are ready to change, and want to explore different paths and new methods to achieve success

Are you ready for change?

Who Is Coaching for

People come to us because they are ready to change, and want to explore different paths and new methods to achieve success


Integral Coaching

Elemental is an Integral Coaching practice set up by Hannah Gredley, examining the interplay of many familiar and habitual patterns that can otherwise be difficult to spot. It is a process of open-hearted engagement, looking into all elements that make us human, connecting mind, body and spirit through deep curiosity and wide exploration.
We are each a unique combination of family, cultural and historical influences all woven into our own distinctive tapestry.
Integral Coaching invites new perspective on the exploration of the many threads, along with the existing larger tapestry. Success lies in examining the interplay and your connection to the elements that you are made up of.

About Hg

Hg – Hannah Gredley, (and the symbol for Mercury). Hannah is an ICF certified Integral Coach. She started coaching in 2019 and has helped many committed individuals re-figure and re-set their lives, both in personally and in business. Clients have included female leaders in industry, creatives, men finding their place in the world and sport professionals.

Your coaching journey

Change takes time. It takes 3 months to start to build new habits. A coaching journey is often 6 months or more. The journey moves from taking a deeper look and noticing what’s showing up, to introducing new possibilities into the mix, then leading to
the ability to create new ways as an ongoing process. You will become more aware of unconscious behaviour, able to identify it and choose new and possibly otherwise unseen ways as to how to be in the world.
Each coaching Journey is developed for the individual according to time and desired goals and outcomes.
Most change happens between sessions, so there is need for constant engagement. Support can be set up between sessions either by check in calls, email or messages

Lets talk

The only way to find out if coaching with Hg can work for you, and for us to see if we can meet your expectations and offer value, is to talk.

Therefore the first step in the coaching process is to have a free ‘Chemistry Call’. A chance to connect and understand the coaching experience. This is a time for you to share what is showing up in your life that could be looked at through the coaching lens.

Working with Hannah has been rewarding on so many levels.  She is a fabulous coach, and I deeply value the time we’ve spent together and the progress this has helped me make in my life. I wouldn’t be this far along in my goals, have a much more in-depth understanding of my issues, or have this much courage to push forward without Hannah’s support, advice and positivity.